Ask the Artist - An Interview with Robert Kelsey

Over 40 years married.

One daughter one grand-daughter.

I like Golf, Classical Music, Gardening, Reading and Films.

What does my wife think of my work?

She is proud of my success. She is also my hardest critic. If they get past her they are quality works.

How would you describe you work?

Colourful, realistic, atmospheric, personal, inviting

What's it like to be an artist?

Wonderful, but extremely demanding.

What was your first ever painting?

A long time ago about age 14 I bought oil paints and had no idea how to use them. I worked on an unprimed board and my painting of a tree dried into the board and was very dull and disappointing.

What's your favourite colour?

Turquoise has been the core of so many seascapes that it must be this.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

From Landscapes, Beaches, and Buildings at home in the UK, Europe, and the Caribbean.

What was your first commission?

I started doing commissions aged about 19. My Father and Brother would get orders for landscape pictures from work mates.

What's your favourite painting that you have made?

The large Seacape that I had hung in the Royal Scottish Academy a few years ago.

What is it about where you live that inspires you?

The white beaches of the Western Isles.

What are you working on at present, what's next?

I'm finishing a private commission received by e-mail, then I have to start working on two large London exhibitions required by Autumn / Winter this year.

What's your favourite film?

So many to choose but I love the French cult classic " Diva " by director Jean Jacques Beineix.

What are you reading at the moment?

"Corduroy Mansions" by Scots author Alexander McCall Smith.

Do you have any tips for budding designers/artists?

I encountered a lot of obstructions from older established artists when I began to find success, so now I do what I can to help younger artists with practical advice and encouragement whenever I can.


Robert Kelsey DA, MUniv, PAI, FRSA,


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